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Originally Posted by robackja View Post
Have you tried reformatting the iPod itself? In an attempt to stop the freezing? Just a thought.
I have tried that several times and also made sure it had the latest firmware (which it did.)

I've been using the same 160GB iPod classic for about 3 years without a single issue with an Alpine head unit in my S2000. It worked every single time for 3 years and in the BMW it was hit or miss.

I think, from what I've read on the e90 forums, that it's a power issue on start up. Some times the car seems to boot right away and the iPod would work...but if it sat overnight and did a "cold" boot, the iPod didn't get enough power or wasn't initialized properly and locked up.

I just bought an Intel 120 GB SSD and it's working perfectly and has very, very small power I'll see how it goes and post with more information when I've used it more.

Already though, it's amazingly fast to read and switch songs -- album art is instantaneous, no lag between songs, etc. As it should be!