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Originally Posted by GnokGnik View Post
As a sole DD, I wouldn't trade a M3 for a 997.2 S (i have one). Once you settle in the 911, you will love it to bits, but driving it all the time with all the risks of the real world are gonna stress you out NO LIE. I hate the high seating position of normal cars, even my 335i. I always push it down to its limit and a little back with a upright back...I am 6'2" and 190lbs...and the Porsche is more comfortable!
I use a prius to commute to work. I leased the prius for 250 bucks a month and the money I save on gas pays for the lease and then some. It also gives me more peace of mind that my Porsche and m3 are safetly parked in my garage.