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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
Good lord you sound exactly like me. That's what I keep telling people too. Let's make it our personal goal.. 3 years at least! After all the alternative is turbocharged, right? Might make it easier?
Count me part of this "club." Have kept cars as little as 8 months thanks to getting the itch. Does it cost a lot of $$$? Yep, but it's fun trying out different cars and to me the chase of finding a new one is part of the fun. Besides, if you've got the money, do it. You only live once and I've seen too many guys, particularly in my profession, hoard their money only to kick off and not have indulged themselves in a lot of things they wanted. Just my .02.

To the OP, I cannot comment on the S4 but we are about to change from an Audi to BMW. We have a '10 Q5 and with the AWD it's hard to maneuver at slow speeds and its turn radius is horrible. Yesterday, I took my wife to the local BMW dealer and she drove both a 335i and M3. Let's just say that an M3 order will probably be placed tomorrow. She told me after she drove the car that going into the test drive she did not want to like the M3 (because of the extra cost over the 335i). But the way the M3 drove won her over. We both felt the M3's power delivery and the way it drove was much better than the 335i (no offense to 335i owners). She even asked that if we bought the M3 about taking it out to the track so she could use the car to more of its potential. She could tell on the test drive what lied beneath. I told her the car was a wolf in sheep's clothing. She agreed and now we are building her M3 on BMW USA and again will probably order tomorrow. Audi builds a nice car but, to me, their AWD system doesn't have the fun factor of BMW's rear drive cars--especially an M3. Good Luck in decision, we've made ours.