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Originally Posted by MrFrizzle View Post
lol, my 15 year old highschool friend wants to buy a VW Beetle, but her parents are totally ANTI-GERMAN. Haha, most Jews around me aren't radical like this, but her parents are dead serious about it. I found it pretty funny. They told her to buy a MINI instead... I wonder how they will react once they find out MINI is owned by Germans!

lol, as for myself, back to the topic, I am totally 100% atheist

I actually find it sorta cool, knowing my car company used to build engines for WWII fighter planes
This cuts all kind of ways. One thing is for sure, you need to pay more attention in history class. And think. You should at least be able to understand your friend's parents views without treating it like a joke.

My brother-in-law’s mother had a number tattooed on her arm. He drives Mercedes because he sees them as good cars and, after all, there is evil lurking in all of us--and at least the Germans have tried to come to grips with it. Is that funny?

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