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> Okay then I would ask you what existed before 13.7 millions years ago?

A singularity.

> did other universes exist?

Probably. It's also likely there's more than one universe, but there's no evidence for either assumption.

> when was the beginning of time?

Around 13.7 million years ago. Time is relative in this universe an it began when this universe began.

What passed before didn't have time because of the singularity.

> how did all of this exist without some being of inteligence?

You don't need intelligence for the basic building blocks, not for the way they are assembled.

> who created the concept of life in plants, animals, matter, etc. ?

It does not need creation. These are inevitable because of the rules of this universe.

If you have gravity as a rule, matter clumps together to form galaxies and planets and the sun. The basic building blocks of the universe can spontaneously combine to form living cells, which can evolve into man.