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Originally Posted by matthewk View Post
I really don't get the comparison between the S4 and the M3?

S4 = 335i | S4 < 335i
RS5 = M3 | RS5 < M3

(When Top Gear compared the M3 to the RS4 the M3 prevailed as the better car then as well)
well basically people are comparing HP... the S4 with a tune will pull harder than a M3 .. but... .. I drove the B8 S4.. IMO it felt very mushy and soft... I track my M3 now .. and my feeling is that the M3 feels like an aggressive, muscular track car.. the S4 is soft and fluffy... with power.. but otherwise not great at all... for folks looking for a comfortable sedan that pulls hard.. then the S4 is for them... but its no M3..