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Originally Posted by sameh View Post
I\'ve been getting notifications on idrive saying \"right rear signal light malfunction\". First time it happened I stopped, turned right signal on then got out of the car and it was working. Didn\'t think much of it but kept getting every other day then daily. But now right rear signal light would only work once every five or six times. My dealer (closest dealer) is 75 miles, anyone had this happen? Any DIY for that? Thanks
I just had this happen to my 09'. Took it to the dealership yesterday because they said they have to replace the entire unit. I was like really. The guy I take it to also has an M3; so didn't think he was BS'n me. To my surprise, their mechanic said BMW NA makes them replace not only the defective unit, but the other as well. Something about corossion around the seals or something. So, my issue was with the rear passenger side tail light receiving the malfunction notification. They are also replacing the rear driver side tail unit. What a waste. Under warranty so I could care less, but still. Wow!