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Originally Posted by F1 fan View Post
My lease is almost up and for fun I drove a new Audi s4 and was pretty amazed at how good it was. I drove a dsg and a manual and prefer the manual. The torque was awesome and the throttle response was amazing in almost any gear. It felt faster than my m3 in some ways. The question is if you were getting a sedan would the s4 be a option over doing a m3 sedan? I know it is a m3 forum, but that s4 was pretty nice and it is making me think about getting one.
Any unbiased input would be great. Thanks
PLEASE LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
I traded my E60 M5 for a new 2011 S4 on March 14 2011. S4 options: sport diff/drive select, alum/carbon trim with 19 inch upgrade wheels + B&O and a few other minor additions. Trust me the Audi is not even close to an E90 M3. I expected it to be more edgy like the 08 RS4. I will never buy a car without testing it through the RPM range. Unfortunately no dealers had demos to drive. After break in I notice the motor hits a wall after 5k rpm. Now coming from a V10 I guess that should be expected. The only solution was a tune or getting an APR pulley. The new S4 farts when shifting to the next gear, I did not like that sound and an exhaust would only exaggerate the problem. The 2011 has a TSB out to fix leaky boots around the rear sport differential. The boots keep leaking & it took the dealer two times to fix mine. My MMI (BMW I Drive) which is the main controls for all functions died at 2100 miles. That was replaced under warrantee. Another annoying problem the S4 had two rattles the dealer could not resolve. If you go to Audizine B8/S4 you will notice people with a lot of problems. I can say for a 50 to 64k car, the B8/S4 felt like an overpriced VW that was powered by a larger motor. I know VW has been cutting corners, I never expected it to hit Audi. You can tell the window switches and the silver plastic around the interment cluster is cheep crap. My main reason for selling the S4 it was boring. I never felt connected to the car. The steering felt very light even after a few adjustments in the MMI drive select. Remember Top Gear just compared the new RS5 against the ZCP M3 and they still picked the regular M3 as the better car. I have owned over 33 cars since 2001 and my opinion the S4 is a nice car but will never be an M.

So on June 27 2011 I traded the S4 with 5011 miles for a 2011 loaded ZCP E90 M3.

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