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Originally Posted by MojorisinM3 View Post
Saw the new GC SRT on the road a few hours ago. Much different than the previous. Its much more refined and mature looking. If you didnt know what it was, it would just blend in with the other cars on the road. It did look great, but its grown up.

Get the M3. Best all around car on the road. The M5's have mega issues with the SMG, just go to m5board and see for yourself.

good luck.
Wouldn't ever get SMG, heard the M3 ditched it after some time too, I'm sure for good reason.

The new Jeep is something in a world of it's own that's for sure. It's a sleeper no doubt, and that is one of the reasons I wanted it. The M3 is a sleeper too I guess, since a) I see a million BMWs daily and b) I see a ton of Ms daily too. So it blends in, and for some people that can be a good thing. I'm in that stage of my life right now, I want to blend in. I don't want to stick out like a sore thumb until I turn 50 and get a red Ferrari!