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Originally Posted by IPvFletch View Post
Well you would think being a V8 it would have the FI V6 beat at the low-end BUT being only a 4.0L it isn't exactly a very beefy V8, so that explains it. It is good to hear he went from a C6 to an E9X and was impressed. The C6 really does haul (vs. the C5 which I had previously been in love with the Z06 version of)...
Maybe I should edit my post. He was unpleasantly surprised once the break-in period was up and he drove the car hard for the first time due to the lack of torque. His fav thing to do is gun the car around 4-5k RPM and complain that it doesn't accelerate. He says the M3 is a much easier to drive car than the Corvette at the limit and I, having driven both, agree. Handling is better but overall streetability of the powerplant pales in comparison to the vette.