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Originally Posted by ajskydiver View Post
I cannot hear the difference between high quality (320 VBR) MP3, AAC, or WMA.
I can't even distinguish high bitrate lossy files vs their lossless counterparts.
Ditto. I ripped my 1992 remastered led zeppelin boxset in various formats for a sample of titles, and honestly, AAC/MP3 256k VBR and above was no different to my ears than than WAV for those titles. I don't have premium sound, but I really don't think it matters either way, EPS or no EPS, the stereo options from the factory aren't that great and probably not worth the hard drive space and effort to do a lossless library for the car, IMHO.

Originally Posted by ajskydiver View Post
The odd design decisions between album art from the console but not if transferred to the HDD, transfer only from in glove box, etc. seem totally arbitrary and stupid.
Amen. iPod and glove box USB port get album art and internal HDD doesn't. That is just lame. Pure and simple, just lame.
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