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Originally Posted by IPvFletch View Post
I was going to say I've driven an E46, so you're saying LESS in-the-back-of-your-seat TQ off the line?? Hopefully it improves, but I'm guessing not FI-like??? Sounds kind of depressing. It ought to be faster than the E46, no?? And with a stage 1/2 tuning it sounds like we can get 50HP including catback, intake, etc.. That ought to give it a nice bump to TQ too??

If I get the M3 I'm obviously going to get it because it will be more exhilarating to drive (I'm assuming) than the Jeep. I don't really NEED an SUV let alone for off-road use, but it certainly appeals to me given I live in hill country and am surrounded by dirt roads just about.

We went to test drive one today, btw, but that is why the wife kind of talked me back into the Jeep (basically gave me the verbal OK to pay as much as they want). I'm just not sure I WANT to now! Was kind of looking forward to the M3, ya know? (she is/was too btw).

Thanks for the good feedback guys, be safe out there, and keep it shiny side up!
Definitely felt like less torque off the line than the E46 M3, the E9X is faster though. Maybe I am biased because I was expecting more torque from the V8 vs I6. My buddy got rid of his C6 Corvette and bought a brand new M3 without as much as a test drive. Lets just say he was a bit surprised once the 1000 mile break-in period was up. A lot of the dealers won't let you to drive the new cars hard (understandable) but before you purchase you need to go out and drive one hard to make sure its something you're interested in.