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Originally Posted by airwave808 View Post
I have a Passport 9500ci installed and once you have it, you can pretty much say good bye to cops. It is expensive, so only worth it if you are not planning to sell or return anytime soon. Specials these days are running about $1600 USD installed. I am not sure how different 9500xi is but in Canada if a cop sees one even on the street then you will likely get pulled over.
The Escort 9500ci, Redline along with the Bel STi Driver and STi-R are all stealth, i.e. cannot be received by a radar-detector-detector that some cops use. I'm not sure about the 9500ix; you'll need to look that up for sure. However, the 9500ix (and Redline and STi Driver) are window mount models and can be seen by cops and thieves when they're mounted in the window. Placing them intelligently (usually up high) will help, but not totally hide them. This is an issue in Canada and in Virginia and DC.


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