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That's a good point about the M3 being beat on moreso than an M5. I saw a 2006 M5 for like $45K but in the end I don't want another big boat. I have a full-size sedan (Charger SRT8) right now. I wouldn't mind if it's not a torque monster, neither is my Charger (for it's size/weight). The Jeep of course would be, so I'm looking forward to that but it might not work out so the M3 is plan B for SURE!

As for the Z06, etc, of course those are/were/have been on my list since before I got the Charger in 2006. I got the Charger thought because I have a 7-yr old (now) and we need a somewhat realistic family car. A Z06 or a Carrera won't cut it unfortunately (I've tried but the wife says no, not until she's about 16 or 18 and has a car of her own at least).

Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming!!!