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Originally Posted by IPvFletch View Post
Hey folks, I'm a n00b here... I'm just coming off about a 5-year ownership of my Charger SRT8. Trust me, this is the LONGEST I've ever owned a vehicle.

Anyways, since Sept 2010 I heard about the new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and finally the time has come for it to be released. HOWEVER, we just got word that the MSRP is about $10K North of what everyone had expected. So most of the folks who have already placed orders (myself included), are now pulling out. Well, I'm giving my dealer until Monday to show me what Invoice pricing and the Employee Discount will get me, but there's a 90% chance I will have to pass on the Jeep. I just don't feel comfortable spending $62K on a fully loaded Jeep (again that's MSRP). I feel like Jeep/SRT is GOUGING me at that price, therefore I am going to gouge them back and get a BMW just to piss them off!

Anyways, my target price is/was around $48K + tax/title/license... So I've been scouring the net over the past 24 hours or so now in search of a good plan B in case I have to pass on this Jeep. I've discovered the E92 M3 Coupe and I think that is the one. I found a bunch fo under $50K with < 30K miles, fully loaded. It seems like a steal at that price!! I really like the sleek look of the E92 and want to get the 2-door version as it looks more sporty and the taillights really blend with the body lines.

I do plan to mod/tune this and I'm wondering what kind of gains we can get from the S65B40 engine. Is it pretty use to go the FI route on these, or is it better to go NA??

Otherwise, I don't really have any other questions... I see some with the CF roof, I think that is what I would prefer (vs. a heavy sunroof that I will never use) - I know I want to get either JB or AW or IB, of course depending on which ones I find for the right price/mileage...

ps. I just spent the better part of 30 mins picking which BMW/M3 forum to join and it seems like the * is the way to go (this forum). It has a TON of sub/sister sites (e.g. and also has more members, posts, and seems WAY more active than the others. I also really liked the stickies at the top. That tells me we have GOOD moderators!! Thanks in advance!
welcome buddy! to answer some of your questions dont go with the FI. even tho they are great cars, ive had alot of problems with my 335 and its been in service too many times. long story short, with all the complaints and going back and forth, i made bmw buy back my car. so now im ordered a new m3 ( almost here) and i heard they are very reliable and will live for a while if taken care of correctly! and lets not forget its an m3! its an amazing vehicle and is great in every aspect.

one suggestion tho if you go with an m3, is to buy one that has still has a good amount of warranty years left, if the warranty is about to expire make sure you can buy the extended warranty. i cant tell you how reliable that warranty is. bmw has the best warranty! if your not that skillful in repairing your car yourself, a warranty is a must in my opinion!

again welcome! and good luck on your purchase!