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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
so instead of buying one of those things...can someone please tell me where to safely jack the car up front from under it..?
I assume you found the front central jacking pad. In the rear, you can jack from the differential, but not the finned aluminum cooling portion. There is a flat section forward of the aluminum portion that will accommodate your jack saddle, or a small wood block. This is not the easiest place to see or get to, and you will first need to drive the car on some small ramps or risers of some sort. I use four small ramps made from two layers of 2X12 planks, raising the car about 3". That allows sufficient space to place the jack first under the front jacking point, raising it enough to place two jack stands under the two front side jacking points. Then you can jack from the differential location and place the two rear jack stands.

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