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Originally Posted by MVF4Rrider View Post
My E46 has under 19,000 miles, is pristine, and has a perfect service history. Less miles than most of the DD E92 M3s on this board I imagine. Not the most common. But I bought it 18 months ago to perform DD duties to preserve my then Z4 M Coupe and now 997. I won't own it more than a few more years and one day it'll be rubbish (after it has changed hands a few times). I'd hate to see it when 15 years old. I'd hate to see the beautiful burgundy '76 2002 I once owned many decades ago (my first BMW). A E30 M3 is whole other deal than a E92. Of course the E92 is not a POS, but it'll never have the lasting power and desire of the E30. The E30 M3 is part of a by-gone BMW M era never to be seen again. The Cayman R, while certainly not near the most desirable of Porsches, is a niche model, low production, and will be a treat to own for years if well cared for.
Have you seen the prices on a slightly used CaymanS these days? Don't kid yourself into thinking they will be held in a regard akin to a 993 versioned 911...they won't. An M3 sitting in an abondoned junkyard on Uniroyals? Give me a break man. You don't see that happening now so why in the hell will it happen with the E9x version. If anything it very may well hold it's value better than any given it sounds like it will be the last year of an NA M3.

I owned a CaymanS and found it to be a fantastic car. It's cons --- underpowered (on purpose by Porsche); too damn small for someone like me (6'1" 190 lbs), a bit feminine in styling; sub par stereo and too noisey for a DD. It's pros --- best handling car I have EVER driven and/or ridden in; actually has decent storage area (fits three non staff type golf bags); solid interior; typical great Porche fit/finish; sublime steering.

I would never choose a Cayman/S/R over an M3 for a DD. Just my opinion.

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