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Originally Posted by gr8one88 View Post
Of course anyone would chose an e9x as a DD to drive more it's more refined and less involving. It's like owning a Mercedes s550 and a lotus exige s one is a toy that is more fun to drive and you reserve for special occasions and the other is more refined....that word keeps poping up lol refined I would be embarrassed if my car was that refined cuz isn't that the point to not be with an M car. I mean Spartan interior....pure driving feedback natural aspiration the list goes on. So again I say the e46 is more fun and more timeless than the e9x. Subjective yes but true hell yes
Where did he say he thinks its better as a DD... he said he would ALWAYS choose the E9x... that means weekend fun, DD, whenever. I know you desperately want to convince everyone that your opinion is fact... but it isn't... it's just your opinion. I find it very funny how you discredit the opinion of people who have actually OWNED both... clearly your opinion is the right one.

By the way... text in bold... if it is, in fact, "subjective" as you say, then the "but true" comment is just your opinion. You seem to really need to convince others that what you like is what they should like... hell, in some of your color threads you were basically begging people to vote for your color . I agree that FOR YOU, the e46 is the better car. I don't know why you feel the need to convince everyone else that they should feel the same way unless you are really quite insecure about it.

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