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Originally Posted by Nelrock View Post
I've owned both...don't feel that way at all. I actually sold my E46 a couple months after getting the E92 because I knew I wasnt ever gonna use it. I was always choosing the E92.
Of course anyone would chose an e9x as a DD to drive more it's more refined and less involving. It's like owning a Mercedes s550 and a lotus exige s one is a toy that is more fun to drive and you reserve for special occasions and the other is more refined....that word keeps poping up lol refined I would be embarrassed if my car was that refined cuz isn't that the point to not be with an M car. I mean Spartan interior....pure driving feedback natural aspiration the list goes on. So again I say the e46 is more fun and more timeless than the e9x. Subjective yes but true hell yes