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Z4 35i v. M3 Coupe

The current incentives on the Z4 make it hard to ignore. Usually I'd never consider one - I don't really like convertibles - but the cost to lease is over $9k cheaper than an M3 coupe over 24 months at today's rates.

On paper the look comparable - torque, weight, manual trans, etc. Obviously the M3 has more horsepower and motorsports-hardened parts. The Z4's roof is moot for me since it would always stay up. Z4 has better fuel economy.

For me, this is a car that would basically never go to the track, and get driven every day on my 50-mile roundtrip commute. I want a manual trans and something entertaining. I have a 135 coupe now which I like, but am ready for something new. Space isn't really a concern since it would be a third car - I also have an SUV.

What do you guys think?