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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
I get 12.1 as a DD and have gotten as low as 5.8 mpg at the track, but usually avg. around 6.5. Every 20 min session is about a 1/4 tank, she's thirsty.

My observation exactly--each track session consumes a quarter of a tank, so for a typical track day format of four 20-25 minute sessions, you're empty at the end of the day after arriving with a full tank. You either have to carry a 5-gal container with you, or hope the facility has pumps open on their property.

I've had to hyper-mile the M3 on the highway occasionally when low on fuel and a significant distance from the next Shell station (or Sunoco if necessary), and it's painful. Short-shifting and running in 7th gear at relatively low speeds--definitely not the way this engine was designed to run.

But at least it's better than my previous E60 M5. Daily stop-and-go, local commuting generated 7.5 mpg with the V10...