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more pictures

Ok, got the car, put on some brand new powdercoated black 18" m3 wheels with new michelin PS. Looks and feels much better IMO. I'm putting these wheels up for sale with tons of pics. They're actually not bad. Please take a look at them in the for sale section. I'm just not into 20's but they're pretty mint. BIG DISCOUNT for a local pickup for surE!

I also ditched the PURPLE halos! I put stock ones back in from my 135i. That looks better too. They look kinda neat. Easy to install too. Free to anyone that wants to pick these up. The definitely match the color of the car.

Next, I will remove the carbon fibre reflector covers in the front, AND definitely the LED strips - or maybe not. I'll see how they look with LED white halos or HID white halos. The rest actually looks ok, except for some shoddy double sided tape work on all the other carbon fibre pieces. This would all definitely need to be re-done. This guy put cf everywhere possible! I'll probably end up going with a lighter shade of tint too!

I got some more pics. This car is LOUD. It has some kind of aftermarket exhaust that I was hoping someone could identify for me. I don't know how to tell if cats were removed, primaries or secondaries or whether they're high flow or resonators etc. I can see part of the brand name on the tip, but can barely make it out. I'll post pics. Thanks!
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