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ESS VT3 Supercharger - Low Compression M3 S65 Engine Build Has Begun...

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I'd taken the car as far as I'd like to go on the stock block with the ESS VT625 and have decided to take the next logical step for more safe / reliable power. A Low Compression build is now in the works at ESS.

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Phoenix, AZ to meet up with Roman@ESS and drop the car off. Not too long after that, Mason in his VT535 did a few comparo runs with my VT625 to show the difference between the two kits.

A few days later the transmission and motor were out of the car, the LC build has begun. I will post updates as they become available, can't wait!

Here is more info from Roman@ESS, about the specifics of the build.


Drew’s VT3 project build is the end result of our work over the past 2 years to design a low compression option for the S65 motor. This design will allow the S65 to run 10:1 CR which will allow the use of higher boost safely on pump fuel. A requirement in our design process was the ability to use the OEM Alusil cylinders in order to achieve OEM oil consumption levels, cylinder noise and engine longevity. The only way we feel to do this is to keep the stock displacement and use a custom made Mahle Alusil spec piston that will allow a factory seal by using the OEM BMW piston rings. This requires a motor that is in perfect working condition as we use the original block and cylinder machining. We do not sleeve or bore out the motor for this upgrade as this will compromise the Alusil cylinder seal quality. As an added precaution we also upgrade the rod and main bearings to add another level of safety to the design.

Outside of the motor we have designed a custom fuel delivery system that will allow proper fueling for the elevated levels of boost we will run and a custom belt drive system that retains the factory tensioner. The combination of these upgrades will allow the Vortech V3 supercharger to make 700+ HP on our existing VT2 hardware while retaining OEM quality drivability to the vehicle.

More pics of the motor being being disassembled.

New LC Pistons waiting to be installed.

A few pics of a piston...

More pics of the stock pistons and rods -

Thermal Coated OEM Headers.

New Rods Arrived.

Rods and Pistons laid out, ready for assembly.

Short Block being assembled.

New LC pistons and Carillo rods -

Heads and Cams going in -

Assembled -

Built LC Motor is in -

She's Alive!

ESS did a WOT run after the Motor Break in was completed, more boost soon!

It's been a busy holiday weekend with the family but I managed to squeeze in some dyno pulls. Considering the runs are on 91 octane, with lowered compression you need 1-2 psi to make up for that and that the gains over the VT625 on 94 octane are 40-60+whp over the entire power band on crap 91 octane, I'm very happy with the results, AJ and Roman, THANK YOU.

A huge thanks to Robert (PG) for all his hard work in putting these 91 octane results together. I am getting new nozzles for my SP WM kit and will dyno again on Water/Meth. Then eventually we will up the boost more.

Car and Modifications:
  • 2008 BMW M3
  • ESS VT3 Low Compression Supercharger
  • Catless
  • Gintani X-Pipe
  • Stock Exhaust
  • DCT
  • 91 Octane
  • Temparature:: 82.14 degrees F
  • Atmospheric pressure: 29.25 inHg
  • Humidity: 9%
  • SAE Correction: 1.01
  • STD Correction: 1.03
  • Uncorrected: 1.00
  • SAE Corrected: 602whp @ 7950 RPM, 415wtq @6975 RPM. 10.40 PSI
  • STD Corrected: 615whp, 424wtq
  • Uncorrected: 596whp, 411wtq
Dyno Database:SAE Results:

ESS VT3 vs. ESS VT2-625 vs. Bolt Ons

Boost, Spark Advance, AFR

Boost Log: 10.40 PSI @ 7950 RPMs

STD Results:

Uncorrected Results:

Fstop took a few pics of my car yesterday after the "Toys for Tots" Super Car Sunday event -

Here's a dyno and speedo pull -

Well guys with 600whp and over 400WTQ the clutch was starting to slip, you can actually hear it in the last speedo vid I posted. The car went back to ESS a few weeks ago for some upgrades, one of which included the SSP Kevlar DCT clutch discs.

BIG THANK YOU to Kris and Jeremy from SSP, can't wait to run the car with this new clutch of yours at the upcoming shift-s3ctor airstrip event, this product is so important and imperative for those with DCT and FI, looking for more reliable big power.

You can see from a few of the pics, the stock clutch discs were worn, along with some burn marks, not terrible, but needed an upgrade for sure. They also looked over the entire tranny and it was in great condition.

Here's some pics -

Some footage.

Redyno with more fuel and new stock clutch.

Car and Modifications:

Control Baseline:
  • 2009 BMW M3
  • ESS VT2-625 @ 7.15 PSI
  • Both CAT Delete
  • Gintani Crosspipe
  • DCT
  • 95 Octane
Changes Since Baseline:
  • ESS VT3-725 @ 11.75 PSI
  • ESS Crosspipe
  • 91 Octane

Control Baseline:
  • Temparature: 85.50 degrees F
  • Atmospheric pressure: 28.81 inHg
  • Humidity: 28.2%
  • Density Altitude: 4300 Ft.
  • SAE Correction: 1.041
  • STD Correction: 1.070
  • Uncorrected: 1.000
Changes Since Baseline:
  • Temparature:: 79.59 degrees F
  • Atmospheric pressure: 29.07 inHg
  • Humidity: 35%
  • Density Altitude: 3639 Ft.
  • SAE Correction: 1.024
  • STD Correction: 1.052
  • Uncorrected: 1.000

Control Baseline (-Meth):
  • SAE Corrected: 558whp @ 8340 RPM, 375wtq @ 7475 RPM
  • STD Corrected: 568whp, 381wtq
  • Uncorrected: 539whp, 362wtq
Control Baseline (+Meth):
  • SAE Corrected: 586whp @ 8325 RPM, 379wtq @ 7430 RPM
  • STD Corrected: 597whp, 387wtq
  • Uncorrected: 569whp, 368wtq
Changes Since Baseline (-Meth):
  • SAE Corrected: 613whp @ 8110 RPM, 413wtq @ 7330 RPM
  • STD Corrected: 625whp, 421wtq
  • Uncorrected: 599whp, 404wtq
Changes Since Baseline (+Meth):
  • SAE Corrected: 616whp @ 8140 RPM, 422wtq @ 7480 RPM
  • STD Corrected: 629whp, 431wtq
  • Uncorrected: 602whp, 412wtq
Dyno Database:

Without Meth:With Meth:
Graphs (With Meth):

Dyno Charts (SAE Corrected, +Meth):

Dyno Charts +AFR, Boost

HP& TQ Comparison:

Dyno Charts (STD Corrected, +Meth):

Dyno Charts (Uncorrected, +Meth):

Graphs (Without Meth):

Dyno Charts (SAE Corrected, -Meth):

Comparison: +Meth, -Meth (STD Corrected):

Dyno Charts +AFR, IAT, Boost

HP& TQ Comparison:

Dyno Charts (STD Corrected, -Meth):

Comparison: +Meth, -Meth (STD Corrected):

Dyno Charts (Uncorrected, -Meth):

Boost Analysis:

IAT Analysis:

Had an Arkym CF bootlid installed, RDB LA painted it and I kept stripe of CF, matches nicely with the CF roof.

More pics of the MORR wheels.

Engine Bay - VT3 - 725

More shots -

The final production pieces to the fuel system have been installed and tested. Plenty of fuel pressure under WOT, AFR's are nice and fat. The car drives extremely well, can't wait for the airstrip event.

Under the hood, the FPR on the drivers side, teflon steel braided line feed the fuel rail -

Steel pressure and return lines -


I had a chance to dyno my ESS VT3 Supercharged Low Compression Built Motor at European Auto Source (EAS). It was the first time I'd been to EAS, and the shop was setup nicely, friendly staff and Tom was very gracious as well. Steve from EAS operated the dyno, very knowledgable and awesome guy as well. THANK YOU - Tom, Steve and the rest of the crew at EAS.

We dynoed the car back in December on 91 octane and I came back today to dyno with a 91/100 mix ~94octane, Meth, and a few gallons of E85 (~19% mix) as well. I'm very pleased with the results.

Here's a vid of the AFR/Boost/FP - gauge reads a solid AFR throughout and ~12.x psi.

Dyno vid -

Pics -

Here's the results, a big thanks to Robert (PG) for putting all the info/graphs together for me.

Car and Modifications:
  • 2008 BMW M3
  • ESS VT3-750 Supercharger kit @ 13.30 PSI Boost +Meth
  • Snow Performance Methanol Injection
  • Both CAT Delete
  • ESS X-Pipe
  • ESS Exhaust
  • 94 Octane, +19% E85 (3 Gallons)
  • DCT
  • Temparature:: 72.46 degrees F
  • Atmospheric pressure: 30.01 inHg
  • Humidity: 26%
  • Density Altitude: 1163 Ft.
  • SAE Correction: 0.972
  • STD Correction: 0.999
  • Uncorrected: 1.000
  • SAE Corrected: 667whp @ 8160 RPM, 448wtq @ 7260 RPM
  • STD Corrected: 686whp, 460wtq
  • Uncorrected: 686whp, 460wtq
Dyno Database:Individual Dyno Results:
The legend below has the following meaning:
  • Dyno Run: Dyno run file
  • Timestamp
  • Temp(F) = Temperature (Farenheit)
  • RelH = Relative Humidity
  • Pressure(Hg) = Barometric Pressure
  • DA(ft) = Density Altitude
  • WHP(unc) = Uncorrected wheel horsepower
  • WTQ(unc) = Uncorrected wheel torque
  • WHP(SAEd) = SAE Corrected Horsepower using Dynojet weather station.
  • WTQ(SAEd) = SAE Corrected Torque using Dynojet weather station.

SAE Correction:

STD Correction:

16 F82 M4 DCT - ZCP - JB4 - 556WHP / 570WTQ
08 E92 M3 DCT - Bolt Ons - 60-130MPH 10.71s - 11.88 @ 118MPH - 377WHP
ESS VT2-625 SC 60-130MPH 6.80s - 11.30 @ 129.3 MPH 586WHP / 379WTQ
ESS VT3-750 - 60-130MPH 6.14s - 10.81 @ 135.13 MPH 690WHP/463WTQ
Shift-S3ctor E92 M3 - 1/2 Mile Trap Speed WR - 174.13 MPH

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