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Originally Posted by Wall$treet View Post
Yikes, now this is something I would be embarrased to drive unless I was 17. Talk about played out and boy racer in a femenin color. Dark with silver wheels are light years played out.

White I completely agree is represented FAR more often by females and has the "female look." To them. Great if it does not bother you but many of us care about perceptions of other people to some degree. I personally do not want to be seen in an AW car if its my primary vehicle and its a sports car.
WallStreet, or should I say "mr. Me Too"
From your post it seems you care alot about what other people think and would only buy what "other" people like.
I like White, and thats why I have a white M3. I could care less if YOU like it.
I didnt buy it for you.

But you are entitled to your opinion. What is it that you drive?

This car is stock besides the ADV.1 wheels and the exhaust. From what I can see most people here have more mods than that. Apparently your opinion is an M3 with mods is only for a 17 year old?