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I thought the show was pretty bad. It was a news show, and I think the big problem was the subjects they decided to cover wasn't the most interesting to me. I think the moderator was asking some really dumb questions to the subjects. Things I wish they covered/talked more about:

- They totally skipped out on the 80's and how BMW became the 'ultimate driving' machine and the car of the yuppies

- With that didn't go into at all the 3 -series which is the standard of its class for over 2 decades and made BMW what it is today

- Of course didn't once talk about the M division

- Besides the 'i' series, didn't talk about the future of BMW with turbo-charging and smaller engine displacements and hybrid technology (ie the whole Efficiency Driving stuff)

- While they had a commerical about BMW in SC, didn't cover at all about that plant and how it makes every X vehicle for BMW.

Really not worth watching, if you miss it.