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OEM tranny and lsd fluid reports after track days

Just wanna share some reports from Blackstone Labs. I think we can use the fluid a little longer next time.

Miles: 5k
4 track days in total, about 8 hours track driving.
All tranny and LSD fluid are OEM.
Tranny: DCT

Infineon 1 hour, 60-70F
Buttonwillow, 3 hours, 80-90F
LVMS 4 hours, 90F

The reports look good to me. I think I will keep using the OEM fluid for now.

I also have a report for my Motul 300V 10w40, it was good as well, but I couldn't find the actual report.

EDIT: I can't upload the files, so I just copy them here:

Wear looks fine in this initial sample out of your BMW's differential. Universal averages show
typical wear levels for this type of differential after about 30,000 miles on the oil. We don't know how long
you ran this oil but wear is still in the average range, so we'd guess it wasn't much longer than that. Silicon
is on the high side, and this is probably harmless sealer material. If you suspect it's dirt, then check into
where it might be coming from, but we suspect it's not a problem. The viscosity is okay for gear oil. Looks like a nice differential.

We aren't sure which variation of the E92 BMW you own, making it tough to guess what type of
transmission this is. The oil looks like ATF, so we categorized this sample as being from a BMW automatic
transmission. If that is incorrect, let us know and we will be happy to change the report for you. At any rate,
wear metals look very good for the transmission in your new 3-series. No moisture or insolubles were
present and the viscosity was in the middle of the acceptable range for ATF. This fill of transmission fluid
appears to have a lot of life left in it.