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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
Looks like there's some confusion and unanswered questions here, so I'll try to clear up what I can:-
It will only kick on if the engine has reached operating temperature, the cabin is at the desired temperature set on the A/C, the outside temperature is within a certain range, and a few other parameters, so having it enabled doesn't guarantee your engine will stop every time you do.
I've used this feature a few times, and I'm actually surprised how quickly it will kick in -- I've had it stop at a light probably only 3 minutes into my commute (though it was a warm morning), and definitely the car was no where near warmed up according to the oil temp gauge. Apparently its idea of "operating temp" is pretty low. I did have it restart at least once when I think it concluded the car was getting too hot. I'll be curious to see if it will shut off during the Chicago winter. This is kind of a nice feature for my commute, as I have some lights on my commute that are very long (~ 2 minutes if I just miss them). It does restart pretty quick.
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