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Originally Posted by junhyuk8901 View Post
Ok, I changed my tire set couple weeks ago from Stock Sizes(245-35-19, 265-35-19) PS2 to 255-35-19 275-35-19 PSS. After that, i feel vibration on my steering wheel when i drive over 65mph.

So, i went back to shop where installed my set, and asked them to rebalance the 2 times. However, i still having the same problem. They told me that they had checked my suspension, rims(if it is bent or not), balance, and everything it could caused the problem, but they cannot find anything wrong with my car... I have stock suspension, no spacers, but aftermarket rims(19 x 8.5 ET15 front 19 x 9.5 ET20 rear). Any idea?

Have you guys tried putting more air in your tires? I noticed that my steering wheel shakes if I put the lower recommended PSI (with 2 passengers label).

Try putting the PSI level right in between the recommended 2 passengers and 4 passengers plus luggage labels. You can find it in the back of your manual. I don't have my manual handy right now sorry can't post the numbers.

I believe I have my fronts set to 39 PSI and rears at 44 PSI.