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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
You bet. If you have a dealer that will actually help with coding, there's a lot of other convenient stuff you can ask them to do that's no more difficult...
So I just got may car back from the dealer no luck. To the dealers credit they really did try to change the setting. Apparently the BMW software asked for a passcode to change the setting. They even tried to get the passcode from BMW's internal escalation path and they were denied! Apparently in the US is considered a safety issue

Incidentally I was reading this months Roundel (July 2011, page 28) and saw an interesting blurb about start-stop engines coming to mainstream BMWs (including the F30s) in the US. Here is the quote re: fuel economy by some estimates, it improves real-world fuel economy by about 8%. And while once there was no reward on the U.S Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAF) ratings, now there is: New EPA test driving cycles build in more stops, and that lets a car show better EPA city mileage.