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Originally Posted by MojorisinM3 View Post
Finally drove a 09 911 PDK S. I"m getting a little bored with my E90 M so looking at alternatives.

I came away highly impressed. Random thoughts:
The engine and exhaust sounds sweet with the windows down, very unique. The PDK worked great, although the paddles suck vs. the M paddles.
The car was tight as a vault, very well built. Reminded me of the previous E350's my wife had. Interior materials were a step above my M3 for sure.
Could very well be used as a DD. Suspension setting were on par with my M3, except over some big bumps with the engine in the back
Steering was exceptional. Better than my M3.
Rear seats were very tight, I'm not sure I can fit my kids with boosters back there. I had my seat pretty far back.

All in all: I can understand the cult following of the 911. Its so different than anything else out there, with precision and serious driving mixed in.

Would I trade in my M3 for one? Yes and no. Straight up driving experience I prefer the 911 for sure. However you cant beat the all around capabilities the E90 M3 provides.... I'll have to think about this one.

Tough decisions....
I had exact same sentiment and decided to stick with M3 for now, and then go to Porsche for something more purpose-built (e.g. GT3 or race-modded Cayman S). My reasoning was that both M3 and 911S are compromise sporty cars, and M3 does this compromise better - it is a true daily driver (I take it skiing, mountain biking and garden furniture shopping, among other things), and almost as fast and rewarding at a track as 911S. 911S is not a true sports car yet, but it already compromises much of daily drivability.

So for me a worthy upgrade from M3 would be X3M (or X5 Diesel - depending on family size) plus a GT3. But its all very subjective and personal - for some people 911S may be just as practical as M3 with some bonuses in extra sportiness.