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Originally Posted by DefBringer View Post
I don't have any gear whine in my car. That's not something that comes up on the Mustang forums either, unlike the 1st-2nd shift issue that some of these cars have problems with. (not mine)

I'm close to 8000 miles on my GT and it is still tight as a drum. I pocketed a clean $20k in savings over the M3 for a car that lacks only in prestige and looks but is the equal or the superior in all other aspects. Both cars are very late in their life cycle, I'm sitting on my wallet until the C7 Corvette, F30 M3, and the Porsche 991 Carrera S. All of these cars are going to be major updates, especially the M3.
I am someone who loves Mustangs, almost bought a 2011 5.0L..but you must be on crack if you think the Mustang is equal or superior to the BMW M3. I am not a fanbois, I have owned a multitude of Mustangs as well as BMWs and Porsches. The Mustang is almost on the same level of the M3 when it comes to performance (the Boss actually meets it or passes it, different story there), but when it comes to the actual build quality, interior materials and a host of other features the Mustang fell quite a bit short. Otherwise I would be driving a Mustang right now.

Also, you better read the forums again regarding the tranny problems with the Ford MT82 tranny. There have been several TSBs on the tranny and Ford may be looking at a class action law suit to fix them.

Now when the 2015 Mustang debuts in 2014 it could very well be the equal to the BMW when it comes out. Hell, the interior of a Fusion and Focus is nicer than that of the Mustang and I have driven a 2011 Mustang GT.

Now before you get your panties up in a furl, the BMW should be better in those other areas as the car is some $20k+ more expensive.

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