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Swissvax'ed: Hartge/DINAN 4.6L Interlagos Blue E92 M3

Wow... What a car...

2008 BMW E92 M3 Interlagos Blue Dinan 4.6L, Hartge body

This car recieved a complete exterior only Surface Cleansing and protection package with Swissvax Blau Weiss wax. We also did a full cleansing+ Protection on the engine bay.

Total Time: ~7 hours


-P21s TAW
-1Z Blitz
-1Z W99
-1Z Windscreen
-Sonax Full Effect
-#0000 Steel Wool

-Car Bath
-Seal Feed
-Paint Rubber (Yellow)
-Quick Finish
-Cleaner Fluid Medium via PC @ 6 with a Black Swissvax Gloss pad
-Blau-Weiss Wax for BMW Paint
-Nano Express
-Cleaner Fluid Regular
-Autobahn PTFE Wax (Wheels)
-Pneu Glossy
-Black Puck Applicator
-Black wax applicator
-Micro-Absorb (Red)
-Micro-Polish (Blue)
-Pneu Brush
-Detail Brush
-Wheel Brush
-Metal Polish

Here's how she looked before

Dirty exhaust tips...


The owner never really cleaned the wheel barrel. It was incredibly caked with brake dust, and took 3 cleanings with SONAX Full Effect to get clean.

Road Grime accumulated on side skirts...

These carbon-fiber peices were becoming faded due to oxidation

The rubber seals were very dry and in need of Swissvax Seal Feed

Dirty door jambs...

Exhaust residue + dirt buildup on trunklid. Taken care of by P21s TAW and Cleaner Fluid

More residue build up in the crevices

Hartge sticker

The plastic mesh inserts were very dry and dull. Remedied with Swissvax Protecton after a thorough cleansing with P21s TAW.

Onto the engine bay... a piece of art on it's own... We cleaned the entire engine bay using P21s TAW and 1Z Blitz, and later protected the components with Swissvax Nano Express, Seal Feed,and Protecton.

I started with first cleaning the engine bay before washing the exterior

Agitating 1Z Blitz

SONAX Full Effect in action

Cleaning all the hard-to-get areas

Soaking the entire rear end in P21s TAW to loosen the exhaust residue

A little surprise underneath the license plate...

Agitating P21s TAW on the license plate to remove the exhaust residue

1Z W99 on the exhaust tips and canister

Here's how the clay bar looked!

Applying Swissvax Autobahn to the wheels

Applying Swissvax Protecton

Exhaust tips before / after


That's all for that one! Thanks For Looking!!!!!