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Originally Posted by img View Post
BTW,if you look at ur Dyno numbers,u only put down
337whp @ 7850 RPM, 255wtq @ 3980 RPM

E92 M3
370whp @ 8200 RPM, 262wtq @ 7000 RPM

So when looking at the RPM for both,your run Chris is shy 350RPM which will prolly gain you some HP.and comparing both TQs,Chris put down 255 @3980 so if calculated to 7000 to match E92 m3,there will be more gains.
Dammit. Don't tell Chris that.

Originally Posted by John Tanglewood View Post
Wow those are great numbers!!
Thanks John.

Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Great flat torque curve, and linear HP curve.

But one observation: engine cut off at 8,200 rpm. Does that mean we also have an optimistic tach ? It's supposed to cut off at 8,400 rpm .
Thanks. I'm not too sure. I hit the rev limiter one time and I know it was higher than 8,200 rpm.

Originally Posted by gixxer_kidd View Post
Nice numbers! Yo Izzy, you guys are getting good at documenting this stuff. Keep it up playa!
Thanks Thai. Now sell me your LM's.

Originally Posted by chris s View Post
Ahaaaaaa! I knew something was shady! That's gotta be good for 10 to 12 more rwhp!
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