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Originally Posted by gr8one88 View Post
Ha I totally could of guessed you had a black m3 let me guess you finance or lease too? Haha wow
Originally Posted by gr8one88 View Post
Is it true the middle eastern men are comparable to Asian? lol
Originally Posted by sameh View Post
Guys. The OP just PMd me this message. Can't stop laughing. Here is his message copy/paste
gr8one8807/11/11 07:29 PM
Do u really think I care if some guy like you who lacks much significance downstairs as a male thinks his new car that he probably is making payments on is superior to an individual e46 in estoril? timeless classic...get with it! black is the single worse color and why in the world do you think I am begging for anything from anyone lol. I am a self maid multi millionaire baby...I am just advertising how much better I am than guys like you in every measurable way known on earth. Have a wonderful day hodgie
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yes i am but its all in good can tell right away who the actual enthusiasts are by what they say and what they drive and the mods and their opinions on everything i just like to point them out bcuz they are so entertaining
Originally Posted by duk View Post
^Agreed. I don't think snide racist remarks and personal attacks are all "just in good fun". I also don't think that you're doing "true enthusiasts" credit with your comments.

A true enthusiast would be able to appreciate the fact that not everyone is truly enthusiastic about the same thing, but still understand that others have the right to be just as enthusiastic about something else. A true enthusiast would be more open minded.

Now a fanboy, that's different. There was actually this terrific article on fanboys, written by MotorTrend. I only wish I had it on hand.

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