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Originally Posted by SLICKTITTLES View Post
Your problem is quite simple-BMW put reverse in a horrible location.
Actually, the worst location is left/down, for the same reasons you mentioned. Look at the bright side .

And yes, you're absolutely correct that could be happening. In fact, you don't have to go past the reverse detent to hit the side of the gate. That's why I mentioned it's so tricky to get the gate just right, which when you do feels like butter, rather than the notchiness and increased effort typically felt. That's why I also suggested to the OP to let somebody else drive his car, to eliminate technique issues.

By the way, RP fluid makes the most difference when cold. I felt very little difference once at full operating temperature, but enough to notice the extra smoothness.

I'd like to see what the hell Getrag did with the gates on this transmission. Seems to be the gates are squared at the edges, rather than rounded, or something to that effect. That's why is so hard to get a gate on the side shafts (1,2,5,6) perfectly. No other transmission feels as notchy as this one, especially in 2nd and 5th. Go all the way to the left (before the R gate spring resistance) and you hit 2nd left side of the gate. Go all the way to the right and you hit 5th right side of the gate. So it's not misalignment or tranny/engine mount issues. And yes, we're nitpicking, but those little things would have made it almost perfect . A little more mechanical feel would have made it perfect, but it's better than Porsche. Looking forward to more comments.