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Originally Posted by SLICKTITTLES View Post
You beat me to the punch-been meaning to post something like this


I'm willing to bet none of the above resolutions will solve your problem. Your problem is quite simple-BMW put reverse in a horrible location.

Aggressive driving requires aggressive shifting-which in turn leads to throwing the car into second harder than you would driving normally (DUH).

With that being said, when youíre downshifting from 3-2, youíre throwing the shifter over too far and missing the opening for 2nd gear-traveling down the line towards reverse. If somehow anyoneís confused by what I just said-look at the beautiful artwork BMW laid out on your shifter.

Next time youíre driving aggressively be that on the street or track (preferably track), loosen up and relax on that downshift and youíll feel it come to you as easily as when youíre cruising.

One more thing I should say-being youíre a competent driver-imagine racing as a dance or ballet in how everything flows together seamlessly when the reality isnít so. Hell, even imagine the music theyíre dancing too! Trust me, itíll calm your nerves, loosen you up and allow you to be a better (and quicker) driver. After all, you want to be graceful right? Not the guy mashing the brakes on and off and missing shifts.

Iím not saying downshift slower, Iím saying be more smooth and calm about it and you wonít overshoot your mark. If you have the means, to speed up the process, get behind the wheel or even passenger in a faster car on the track-itíll better develop your understanding of speed. The body naturally reacts to what it believes is impending danger-if you can control that reaction by heightening your threshold for danger (speed), youíll be shedding SECONDS in no time.

Apologies if this came off as a bit cocky and/or angry, but I couldnít stand going all clutch and brake before finally finding the elusive 2nd gear. If only reverse was on the other sideÖand to the bottom haha
I was trying to do the whole process in a slower movement but because I have such little time to to downshift in the correct place I just never got it right. Next time when I'm on the track (July 30th) I'll try to make a more conscious effort downshifting in a more fluid/slower movement.

And don't worry about my threshold for speed