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Originally Posted by gr8one88 View Post
Why is the e46 lightly modded just so so so sooooo much more fun to drive?!?!? It is so much more pure and raw of an enthusiast experience! When they are taken care of properly they ar more of a head turner than the e9x too. I know this is a forum of users obsessed with the buttons on the e9x and I love the e9x for it's motor and advanced technology. But for fun it just isn't close to a good e46 m3. Does anyone else feel this way? This goes for the e39 as well. However the new f10 m5 is pretty cool... M3 is just supposed to be the less luxurious fun car and the m5 is supposed to be the badassss executive saloon with cool technology but can beat anything out there. I'd like to see the line between the m3 and m5 less blured aka m3 lighter less buttons more of a pure everyday driver and racer. The m5 is good where it's at the m3 needs to distance itself from the m5.